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Orion Dynamic specializes in rental and sale of rack and pinion mast climbing work platforms.


Our mast climbing platforms are easily adjustable up to 150m height and 30m width. The MBP mast climbing platform can be set up as single (monomast) or as twin (double mast). The mast is anchored in the facade.


The adjustable floor of a platform enables the platform to follow any kind of facade.

Types of work platforms

Orion Dynamic is exclusive dealer of the MABER brand in Belgium and Luxembourg. We rent and sell two types of lifting platforms: with one mast and with a double mast.


Each of these machines can be easily adjusted in width and length, depending on the needs of your project. If required, these mast climbing platforms can easily be moved and adjusted on site, allowing you to work in different phases. As such you only rent the machines that you actually use.

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Applications for work platforms

Lifting platforms are particularly suitable for uses where you have to work on the facade. Common uses are:


Advantages of mast climbing work platforms

Work platforms offer a few benefits as to traditional scaffoldings:


  • fewer anchor points are needed.
  • You can always work at the right height.
  • No tower crane is needed anymore to lift loads such as glassware, panels, mortar or bricks.
  • The assembly is much faster so no time is lost.
  • Large mounting elements can be brought upwards.


By using a work platform, you reduce the operational time of a project and improve quality. This will eventually save you time and money.


All our mast climbing platforms are equipped with safety sensors, an extra safety brake and parapets.


After installation and then quarterly, the mast climbing platforms are inspected by an independent inspection agency.


This way we ensure that your employees can work safely at any height in accordance with the general safety regulations.

Installation of a work platform

When you rent or buy a mast, we provide a professional installation. We discuss your needs, then adjust the dimensions of the machine and provide the assembly on site. The assembly itself usually lasts only 1 to 2 days.


After final inspection the platform is ready for use by your employees. No specific training is needed.


Our technicians operate across the country, so in case of defects or for maintenance purposes, our technicians can be quickly on site and provide the necessary solutions.

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