Trend towards higher buildings has an impact on the organisation of the construction site

Higher buildings


To keep housing affordable, more families opt for an apartment instead of a terraced house or detached house. Not illogical: the number of families continues to grow, but less and less space is being made available for construction. The answer from project developers? Build higher and higher. The possible “concrete stop” that is coming will only speed up this process.

What difference do you notice in the way buildings are built in cities today?

Johan Devriese – CEO Orion Dynamic:

“We see that many large construction sites are being realized on a very limited footprint. Many project managers indicate that the costs charged by cities and municipalities for the temporary use of footpaths, streets or parking space are important in their decision to limit the use of space during the construction period.

The congestion issue certainly also has an impact. Cities take this into account in their permits. In most major cities such as Antwerp and Brussels, the principle is maintained that the footpath and the street must always remain free. Tower cranes and scaffolding on the footpath or the street are no longer licensed easily. Contractors take this into account when submitting their offers. Putting a hold on the tendering procedure for the new VRT building because of the high transport costs is a good example of this.”

What concrete impact does the trend towards increase construction height has on the organisation of the construction site?

Xavier Van Heule:

“With a higher project (for example, 30 floors), lifting of material takes more time. You must take this into account when planning the construction process.


Johan Devriese:

“As the construction gets higher, the logistics on-site becomes more complex. This ensures that vertical transport on site is even more important. When we purchase new hoists for our rental fleet, we buy standard hoists with masts and ties for a height of 50m, whereas in the past this was standard 30m. Moreover, nowadays we also invest more in closed cage construction hoist with higher speed, especially for tall buildings. “