Sustainability in the construction sector ensures an increasing demand for working platforms for facade renovations

From 2020 onwards, every (rental) home must have double glazing for the windows. Stricter rules also apply to new construction projects. Insulation standards are also becoming stricter. From 2021, every new-build home in Belgium must be “BEN” (Nearly Energy Neutral). Many apartment buildings from the past need a thorough renovation of the façade.

How do you notice that sustainability has consequences for construction sites?

Johan Devriese:

“We can clearly see this in the increased thickness of the facade finish due to the increased insulation. We also see this in the anchor plugs that we use for anchoring our hoist working platforms to the facade. These are getting longer and longer.

We are currently also receiving a lot of questions about placing platforms for the renovation of large residential blocks. The high residential towers of the 60s and 70s in particular. Mast climbing working platforms are interesting here because these projects usually do not have a tower crane. Thanks to the platform, material can still be installed at great heights. Here we see that the glass sections that are placed always get thicker and therefore weigh more. It is important to think about this beforehand and to make clear agreements with the supplier of the glass because of the necessary loading capacity of platform. This to prevent surprises during the construction project.

Many roofs of older apartment buildings also need to be renewed and need extra insulation. More and more roofworkers demand construction hoists to get all their material up. These projects usually only take a few weeks. So, it is important to be able to quickly assemble and disassemble the hoist.

For complete renovations of apartment buildings, a lot of projects use a traditional scaffolding to which a construction hoist is then attached. This makes it possible to keep the lead time of these projects short by deploying different teams on the different floors at the same time. Especially on the Belgian coast there are quite a few such projects ongoing and planned.