A new life for our second-hand rack and pinion transport platforms!

Hoists are primarily used on construction sites where vertical transport is required. With high-rise buildings increasingly preferred, the construction sector is always on the look-out for new solutions to working at height.

Also warehouses are increasing in height reaching ceiling heights up to 15 metres and goods constantly being moved from one storage location to another. This also demands professional equipment.

Second-hand construction hoists from Orion

Construction hoists from Orion are designed for use on large construction projects, where they are not only subject to highly intensive use, but also operate at great height. Typical heights are from 30 to 50 metres, but Orion has models available with heights up to 150 metres. If you’re looking for a transport platform for a situation like this, we would always recommend a recent model.

However, we frequently receive requests from warehouses and other storage depots, looking for solutions for working at height within their buildings. In those circumstances a brand-new transport platform would not only be expensive in relation to the use made of it, it actually isn’t necessary. A second-hand transport platform can be the ideal solution here. The equipment will not be used so intensively in a warehouse or store, and lower heights will be involved indoors.

At Orion we include rack and pinion transport platforms in our rental fleet. They subsequently have a second life on the second-hand market. Many components will have been serviced and replaced during the rental, but the chassis and baic elements can last for at least 15 years, so it still has plenty of useful life afterwards. In this way, we can offer you a long-term solution with the purchase of a second-hand transport platform. A machine like this will be less relevant on a major construction project where hoists are used intensively, but it may well be ideal for a small warehouse.

Warehouses and storages facilities

The heights involved in warehouses and storage facilities are of a different order of magnitude to those encountered on a construction site, however because of lack of alternatives the same equipment is often selected: rack and pinion transport platforms.

As outlined above, second-hand rack and pinion elevators are used in many warehouses, on the one hand to keep costs down and, on the other hand, to allow efficient ad safe working. Those hoists will, of course, show signs of use, but they can still have a service life of more than 10 years. The service life of a builder’s hoist is 15-20 years when used on a construction site outdoors!

A second-hand builder’s hoist in a covered space is protected from wind and weather and is used less intensively, so it will continue to be serviceable for longer. 

Some applications for second-hand builder’s hoists:

  • Furniture stores
  • Equipment storage
  • Tyre centres
  • Garages 

Second-hand rack and pinion elevators: regulations are as for temporary hoists

Hoists from Orion are all covered by the same regulations as those applying to temporary construction hoists, and this also applies to a second-hand platform purchased from us. Quarterly inspections of such hoists are, hence mandatory.

Guarantees, and maintenance of second-hand site hoists

Every second-hand construction hoist purchased from Orion is covered by an initial six-month guarantee. That means our technicians will attend to any problem that arises. If the problem is not covered by the guarantee or if the guarantee period has elapsed any work will be on a cost basis. As sole distributors of Maber equipment in Belgium and Luxembourg we always have the necessary replacement parts in stock.

And there is always the option of agreeing a maintenance contract with Orion. 

Some of our pleased clients: