MBC2300 tied to scaffolding under vide

Type of machine:

Application: Construction hoist with large roof overhang by means of "air" anchors

Orion Dynamic does not avoid a challenge when it comes to construction hoists. For example, there was a demand from our client Cordeel to help realize their new head office. A very challenging project, where a fine example of architecture has been used an where our professionals had to get the most out of the jug to bring this project to a successful conclusion.

In previous projects about Kallo Oiltanking and Tectum Halewijn in Antwerp you could already read that we clearly have no problems working at heights. This time we were faced with another challenge: the construction elevator had to be anchored to the facade of the building. You will think of evidence with construction lifts and scaffolding …

But did we mention that this is a building with a roof overhang of more than 10 meters? And the first anchor point is at a height of more than 15 meters? In addition to the dimensions of the construction, they were also asked to provide rack and pinion hoist with a capacity of at least 2.3 tonnes and a loading space of 4.2 meters.

To successfully complete this project, we attached “air” anchors to an armored scaffolding. In this way the free height, up to the first anchor, could be bridged. The scaffolding was also strong enough to support the entire weight of the construction lift and its load.

In the meantime, the building is finished and everyone can admire these beautiful new offices in Temse. And whether we are proud to be part of this project! Thank you for your confidence in Orion Dynamic.