Industrial maintenance of a gas terminal

Type of machine:

Application: work platform

Ineos is building a new gas tank in Kallo for the storage of 135,000 cubic meters of butane gas. This is the largest LPG tank in Europe. The works are executed by Eiffage.

Safety is of paramount importance in the construction of such a SEVESO installation. In addition, the curvature of the tank provides an extra challenge.

To stress the cables in the concrete structure, work was carried out with 4 asymmetrically rack and pinion mast climbing platforms. These serve a dual role. On the one hand to position the machines that have to pull and stress the cables and on the other to bring the people who have to operate the machines to the right height. The mast climbers have a capacity of 2500 kg for this.

The curvature of the tank was taken into account when installing these machines. The work platforms were also adapted several times throughout the various phases of the works. This is to guarantee a continuous connection with the facade.

In addition to the mast climbers, a construction hoist was also provided, to provide access tot the dome of the roof. Given the special shape of the tank, it was necessary, to connect the hoist with a suspended scaffoldng at the top of the tank structure.

Traditionally, mast climbers are used for masonry work, inserting glass, façade panels or other types of façade work. However, this project shows that these work platformes can be used for many more applications, such as the assembly of industrial installations.

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