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A transport platform is basically a combination of a builder hoist for goods and a construction hoist and therefore suitable for vertical transport of both persons and goods.


These types of hoists are open and therefore easy to load and unload. They can be operated from the ground, on floor or from the elevator. However, since there is no closed cage, the speed is lower compared to a builders hoist for goods or construction hoist.


Our transport platforms are widely used:



These lifts are mounted on the façade, on scaffolding or in the elevator shaft. Our passenger and goods construction lifts have a capacity between 500kg (including 3 persons) and 3500kg (including 12 people).

Buying / renting a transport platform

We rent and sell our passenger and goods construction liftsNo matter which option you choose, our team of experts is ready to provide you with appropriate and professional advice and to carry out a professional installation.

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