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Orion Dynamic specializes in rental and sale of construction hoists using rack and pinion technology. These hoists can be assembled on-site without the need of a crane. The hoist uses a mast, fixed to the facade of the building.


Using a hoist, you can vertically transport persons and/or materials in a safe and productive way.  Only a short introduction is sufficient so that your employees can safely use the construction hoist on site.


All our goods lifts are from the brand MABER, of which we are the exclusive distributor in Belgium and Luxembourg. Maber is known for its solidity, simplicity in use and limited defects. All goods lifts follow the necessary European machine guideline for construction hoists.

Different types of hoists

We divide our hoists into 4 different types:



Depending of the use, we will recommend the best type of hoist for your project.

Builder hoist for goods

Our builders hoist for goods ensure vertical transport of goods up to 150m height.

Construction hoist

A construction hoist is provided with a closed cage, making it suitable for transportation of people and allowing larger speeds (up to 60m/min) in complete safety.

Transport platform

A transport platform can be used for both people and goods.

Temporary public elevator

In case of temporary events or when the permanent elevator is temporarily out of order or not available, our temporary public elevators are a great solution.

You want more information about our hoists?

You can reach us by phone or e-mail on work days.

Uses of hoists

Hoists are particularly suitable when working at heights where good and/or people are needed. E.g. in case of:



With a construction elevator you can also limit the use of an expensive tower crane / telescopic crane or aerial work platform. A construction hoist can be operated by everyone on the construction site and can be loaded safely and easily, so no operator is needed.


Our hoists offer vertical transport up to 150m for different carrying capacities, ranging from 500kg to 3,5tons and up to 20 people.

Advantages of our hoists

We only work with hoists from MABER. Maber is known for its solidity, simplicity in use and limited defects. The configuration of these hoists is also easy to adjust, offering enhanced flexibility to adjust the set-up to any project. These machines can also be monitored remotely, which means that we can resolve most the defects remotely, resulting in less downtime.

As we are exclusive distributor with our own job shop and warehouse of spare parts, we can


  • Deliver quickly.
  • Carry out maintenance works and fix defects ourselves in a very short timeframe.
  • Make adjustments to the original set-up fairly easy


Our hoists follow all safety regulations for construction hoist:


  • Doors cannot be opened if the elevator is not on the floor;
  • The lift cannot run if the gate on the floor is not closed;
  • A safety net at the bottom of the elevator detects any objects or persons that might be under the lift.
  • An automatic brake is activated if the lift should drop too quickly

Installation of a hoist

When you rent or buy a hoist, we’ll provide a professional and efficient installation. In our own workshop we adapt the lift to your needs.


After a final inspection and a short introduction the hoists are ready for use by your employees.


In case of any defects or for maintenance purposes, our technicians can be on site very quickly and provide the necessary solutions.

You need a hoist for your project?

Contact us, we’re happy to discuss the possibilities.