Attention points when using construction hoist and mast climbing work platform during winter : What to do in gusts and storms?

hoist and mast climbing work platform during winter


Our hoists  can be mounted up to wind speeds of 45 km/h. Use of most machines is permitted up to 55 km/h (wind force 7), some models even up to 70 km/h (wind force 8). Consult the instruction sheet in the hoist. Watch out for any local gusts or eddy currents around the construction site, especially in case of higher buildings. The most sensitive point here is the towing cable (the power cable that takes the lift up). If it comes loose from the mast (i.e. cable guides), the cable no longer turns in the cable drum. It can happen that the cable ends up between the gears of the machine and gets damaged, resulting in a standstill.

    1. Keep a close eye on the towing cable.
    2. If the cable comes loose from the mast / cable guides, make sure someone is guiding the cable back into the cable drum downstairs while you slowly descend with the machine
    3. Lower the machine completely, instead of leaving it at height
    4. Stop using the hoist when the wind speed is too high

The use of the hoist or working platform at higher wind speeds and possible damage is always the responsibility of the customer.

Water damage or damage to the towing cable due to careless use happens quickly. Damage insurance can avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our technical service on 050 73 53 21 or send an email to