Points of attention when using construction hoist and mast climbing work platform during winter

What to do in case of frost


Our machines work up to -15°C. In the case of frost, the sensitive point is the brake and the control box. Especially with prolonged downtime combined with low temperatures and rain or snow, the brake may “stick”. The towing cable is also less flexible at low temperatures.

    1. Place the control box in a warm / dry environment if you are not using it (eg during the weekend or in the evening)
    2. After a prolonged standstill (eg after the weekend or cold night), first drive all the way up without stopping so that the brake can warm up and condensation can be removed
    3. Keep a close eye on the towing cable and stop using the lift if it is no longer flexible enough to turn into the cable drum

As of 10 consecutive days of frost (determined by the RMI in Uccle) no rent is charged for our machines.

Water damage or damage to the towing cable due to careless use happened quickly. Damage insurance can avoid unpleasant surprises.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call our technical service on 050 73 53 21 or send an email to info@oriondynamic.be